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Weekly Fig is much different than going to the local grocery and buying your vegetables. It is a direct partnership between you the consumer and the farmer that grows your food. Weekly Fig is establishing the relationship with multiple Chattanooga farms to not only bring you the freshest produce, but also local sustainably raised, pastured meats and eggs, pastured dairy (including butter, cheese, and milk) and many other artisan products also produced locally.

Members pay an annual membership fee equivalent to $1 per week to access the  highest-quality foods, and gives our partners insight into investments required to supply our entire membership body. Local produce is procured April through November for a total of 28 weeks. Local meats, eggs, dairy and all other artisan goods are procured all year long.

By supporting local you

  • connect to local farmers and artisans to keep more dollars in our local economy
  • build an opportunity to invest in others and revive a commitment to our local community.
  • build a true slow food, real food community that is convenient to all.
  • obtain produce that is NON-GMO and  harvested at its peak, retains its nutrients and flavors, helping small farmers compete against the agriculture super business.
  • help foster true sustainable agriculture benefiting our bodies and the land.
  • Weekly delivery of seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs bursting with flavor and freshly harvested within a 100 mile radius of Chattanooga.
  • Invitations to Weekly Fig events, workshops, gardening and cooking classes, potlucks as well as open houses to meet your producers.
  • A picture and recipe filled newsletter that includes details about how to handle and store your produce. Each week we also share news from our farms, artisans, events and happenings in Chattanooga food and farming community.
  • Special member pricing on bulk- item purchases.
  • A full market of pastured eggs, fair trade coffee and other selected artisanal items from local producers.
Membership includes access to weekly delivery of seasonal local produce. Add any local dairy, meat, poultry, baked items and all other artisan goods to your order from our online farmers market. Members also receive invitations to special events and learning opportunities like cooking classes, farm visits, and access to a wealth of recipes on our website.
There is a non-refundable membership fee of $52. The cost of Weekly Fig subscription includes free delivery to our designated areas for orders including a veggie bag or a minimum order for $35. Orders that do not meet the minimum order are assessed a $5.99 delivery fee. If you are not in our delivery area, please inquire about extending our delivery area to your neighborhood or we can included delivery for an additional fee if outside our delivery area. It is also possible to make a designated drop within our delivery area to a business or one of our partners.
Welcome to Weekly Fig! You’ll receive a confirmation email that includes the details of your weekly delivery and a link to your member account so that you can log in and get started. Every week, Weekly Fig will send you an email about what’s fresh this week and what’s coming in your seasonal produce delivery. You’ll be able to add on items form our online market.
The market is open 24 hours a day, but whatever you have in your cart as the clock ticks down to Friday at 1pm will be ordered, charged and delivered the following week on your designated delivery day. You can view our current Partners list here. If you have a favorite local artisan you would like to see listed in the Weekly Fig market, please ask them to contact us at partners@weeklyfig.com.

Weekly Fig offers to its members access to local herd share for raw dairy products. Because retail sales of raw dairy products are not legal in TN, in accordance with TN law, members must partake in ownership of the animal and pay for the labor and boarding of the animals for which the products are derived.  There is a 1 time fee of $15 that will give you access to raw dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt and more.

By agreeing to herd share agreement, your contact info will be provided to the farmer for his/her records per TN law. Herd share products does include fees for the cost of special handling and delivery. Please return all jars with lids, ice packs and thermafoils to reduce costs.

Check out our blog. We post farm updates, farmer profiles, weekly storage tips, meal plans, and inspiration. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date.
Order what you want when you want it. Or set your deliveries on recurring to received them weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Get your favorite staples (veggies, meats, eggs, bread and much more) automatically added to your order every week. Items that can be added as recurring will have a green button next to them. As you shop, you can use this button to designate how often you’d like us to deliver your favorite items.
A credit card or debit card is required for standard transactions. Weekly Fig will bill you on Sunday for all add-on items for any week that you receive an order. You will receive an emailed receipt. It is possible for accounts to be preloaded with cash or check, and order will draw on the balance of the account.
Your deliveries will be packed in a returnable insulated bag or bin with ice packs, and any especially sensitive items are insulated with additional ice packs in a thermal foil. You may also leave a cooler outside, and we can easily transfer the items in your box into your cooler or designate a shady area for your box.
Please help us recycle your packaging for future deliveries and save costs for you. We recycle and reuse all paper, thermafoils, glass, egg cartons, and cardboard that comes our way. Glass jars that receive deposits must be returned with jar and lid to receive credit so we know which farm to return the glass. Please return all bags, bins, ice packs for cleaning and reuse. This helps us keep costs down. Set out your items on the day of your next delivery.
If you are heading out of town, please let us know by using the “Skip Delivery” feature below the “Customize” tab on your weekly deliveries page. This will skip that specified week’s delivery. Skipped deliveries must be entered by Fridays at 1pm. If you want to set an extended hold, please review your recurring orders. Instruction can be found in this tutorial:

We will put your box at your front door unless otherwise stated. So, please let us know of any specific directions in the “Delivery Notes” section in the Sign Up page. We request all members to leave out a cooler with frozen ice packs or frozen water bottles inside.
Between 8AM-8PM on your designated delivery day. Delivery days are based on location, which are assigned upon sign-up. You don’t have to be home when your basket arrives, so no worries if you’re not able to receive it but we do recommend setting a cooler out to set your goodies in.
When you sign up, you’ll receive an email with the delivery day. Our schedule is based on zip codes. Still curious? Call us or email members@weeklyfig.com and we will let you know when we deliver in your area.
Get a gift certificate. If you rather opt for a gift box, just sign up a Weekly Fig customer, use the recipient’s name and address on the information page, input your own payment info, and then select the box size on our “Shop the Market” page.
Unfortunately, the USDA does not currently allow us to accept SNAP/EBT cards online. We are working towards being equipped to process these types of payments in person. Please write your member of congress and request the law be changed to allow EBT for online transactions.
We are happy to deliver to both offices and apartments. Just make sure we have your gate codes and/or special instructions to make the delivery seamless.
If you live in the greater Chattanooga area, we probably do! To find out, just click Join Now and enter your zip code. If your home address isn’t currently part of our delivery area, your office might be and we’re happy to deliver there.
Our produce is picked ripe and at is at its peak in flavor and nutrition. We will never intentionally send out overripe produce but it happens naturally from time to time. Please let us know with 48 hours and we will send a replacement with your next order.

If you need to cancel your account, email members@weeklyfig.com to close out your account.

Refunds are issued on a case by case basis. Members should send an inquiry to members@weeklyfig.com within 24 hours of receiving items to request refund or replacement of damaged produce.



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